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Vastu on Oak is a masterfully designed haven offering a meticulously crafted home designed with the time-tested principles of Vastu in perfect harmony with the tropical paradise of Oak Beach, Far North Queensland.

The home boasts a stunning open plan on the ground floor. Bifold doors completely open up, transforming the verandah into an extension of the living space.  The strategically placed kitchen enjoys views of both the verandah and the beach.  
A central void with high-level windows bathes the ground floor in natural light, further enhancing the open and airy feel. For added versatility, the verandah features bifolding shutters along the perimeter. These provide privacy when desired and allow the space to be enjoyed in all weather conditions.
Vastu principles played a crucial role in determining room sizes, and ceiling and roof heights, these were then  blended with the desired design aesthetic. Verandahs on both levels visually reduce the building's mass, creating a more balanced silhouette.  The use of DecoWood timber look aluminum battens and shutters not only provides a touch of warmth, but also offers the advantage of low maintenance compared to real timber.


New house


Oak Beach



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